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  1. 01 Everybody's Got a Dream Jaynee Thorne 4:05
  2. 02 Before I Loved You Jaynee Thorne 3:36
  3. 03 Lost In A Memory Jaynee Thorne 3:38
  4. 04 Calliope Jaynee Thorne 3:40
  5. 05 Love Will Find Me Jaynee Thorne 3:19
  6. 06 The Truth Is Jaynee Thorne 4:40
  7. 07 Go Now Jaynee Thorne 3:51
  8. 08 I Guess I Got It Bad Jaynee Thorne 2:58
  9. 09 Dancin' Under Raindrops Jaynee Thorne 2:59
  10. 10 The Light in Her Eyes Jaynee Thorne 4:32
  11. 11 Everybody Loves to Hate L.A. Jaynee Thorne 3:43
  12. 12 This Time Around Jaynee Thorne 4:16
  13. 13 I'll Meet You There Jaynee Thorne 3:41
  14. 14 The Way To Change The World Jaynee Thorne 4:46
  15. 15 Whiskey Or Warm Morphine Jaynee Thorne 3:27
  16. 16 On the Journey Jaynee Thorne 4:30




Find Your Way… Find Your Voice

Listen to your heart Hear your most quiet voice. Embrace what you are most fearful of... (I hate this one!) ... and if...

Cautious Creative

Sometimes I wish I popped out into the world less cautious…. less sensitive… less perceptive. And as it appears… I didn’t even know...



Jaynee was born into a family of music, though it skipped a generation. Neither of her parents were musicians, though mom dabbled on the piano. Jaynee’s paternal grandfather was a pop songwriter in the 20’s and 30’s… and her maternal grandmother was an opera singer.

Born on the east coast of the US in Roslyn, New York, Jaynee’s family traveled west and settled in Southern California where Jaynee has lived since the late sixties. She studied piano and guitar and started writing songs at the age of twelve.

Though music was her first love and had stayed with her throughout her young adult life, Jaynee moved into post-production film and television where she was a Colorist for movies and episodic television for over thirty years. Her life took a left turn in mid-2016 when the television industry started to change, and she found herself in a career quandary. At that time, music was rearing its head a bit, and Jaynee gravitated towards following her heart in the arts… by recording her first music album.

In the process of making this album… the Universe continued pointing her into new musical endeavors. She is a staff vocalist in The Tribe Band, which raises money for the homeless in Los Angeles and the City Of Hope. Jaynee desires to continually expand her vocal and songwriting footprint, so if you are needing vocals or a new song on your next album please send her a note!

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